me against the world...

me against the world...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

hey.27th april

hey there...
it's kinda weird la..cuz i dun have any idea wut to say or stuff to post.
i'll come up with something later..won't be too long.cuz now my schedule is quite tight. im shooting next week.and tomoro my director is comin down from bangkok...then have to work over the weekend.then next week it's gonna be a freakinnnnn busy week la..
shooting starts on the 4th til 8th.
gotta prep equipment on the 3rd..
aiyoo damn gila ler..
neway,im still in the office.time is 3.07am.mebbe still have to chill here for another hour or so.haihh..well,chat laterzz

Friday, April 20, 2007

today is friday , now the time is 7.11pm.

what a long day.woke early this my sis to send her daughter to school..then bring the other small wan to go makan Wantan Noodle at sis got some competition la i have to be DA MAN. after that pick up Jeanne from school and tapau lunch for her.after all those things are sorted.i went to selayang to check out the 2nd hand car...i found this mitsubishi pajero - soft top. it's 1 of a kind la.i've snap some picturesa.but now i dunt have the cables with me.i'll post it next time la. it's a 4x4,looks dam sexy.the price is not bad.but i think have spend at least bout 10k to touch up..interior and out..anyway, it's a great day so far..til now. signing off.. time is 7.18pm.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

bitch trying to choke me!!? :)

did another shoot with Fara from and Elaine Daly last week as well..
it was cool.our location was at seri kembangan. at the end of the shoot...luckily manage to catch them....they were nice ppl.

gone fishing..

did a game show last weekend...
the location was at bentong,pahang..we shot 4 days there.
damn blardee sunburn all over.but it was a great shoot.
got a lake beside , i can't complaint..

Monday, April 16, 2007

the beginning

finally i've signed up an account.
it's kinda weird tho'..typing and thinking 'wut else i wana put in ah?'..
cuz usually we all will be sitting at TSM "The Sacred Mosin" and talk cock sing song the whole night..
i'll try to post something here every now and then ..
all my happy moments,stories and sad times..
well at least if i suddenly got hit by a car or bicycle tomoro..
at least everyone or someone would know my story.

-picture above was taken at TSB,Bangsar. My 'Axis Gang'.