me against the world...

me against the world...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

good night.

tonight was awesome! thanks to the ppl who make it happen! it's been a while.
so whats new with me? nothing la..same o same o. suppose to go for holiday in langkawi last week..but never happened.due to unforseen circumstances..but screw it. confirm after my shoot finish i will go langkawi after that. many of my friends whom i told them im goin to lkawi during CNY time called me up.. and screw me upside down and call me a kanji fella (talk cock sing song)
haihh..what to do shit happens ma. no worries,tho' i can go there during the japanese season but im sure if my destiny is in langkawi..then it'll be there when im there..
u have to believe that what is's yours...if it's not then..too bad la.. what to do?

but being a guy we are lucky..if you cant find love..then we can buy..but luckily i have understanding friends who knows im not that kind of person. im the veryy LOYAL type!!!1
so sagun was goin to introduce me to 1 of her friends from club med...apparently she's quite muscular and can lift me up with 1 hand. neway, just friends oni la..what else u think i can do tho her??? -> sagun

it's been a good year so far...blink blink sudah sampai march already... time really flies when ur enjoying the year!!!! awesome!!

and in few more days it's Chap Go Meh!! gotta get down to some lake and throw oranges!! i planned to buy like 20 box or mandarin orange and write down my email,phone and name on each of the orange!!! and throw it all away at various location. hope my one true love will pick it up and call me for yamcha then movie then .....ahemmmm...

if that;s gonna be fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! love at first sight!!!

dammm. tonight dammm puas hati!! awesome night good beer , good gamble and good times.