me against the world...

me against the world...

Monday, June 28, 2010

i think im in...

it's been a while since i had that tingling feeling.lemme see..the last time was like about 3years ago that it came back..i sorta miss that feeling...but then this is just the beginning..who knows what happen after i've got it..
damm..i need to be more attentive and serious if im really into it..can't let my work get in the way as an excuse...which means i need to make a new sacrifice in my own schedule...i already have work it's this.....haih...anyway,it looks goods and proper this time around..we had a good start...hopefully something cool will happen... *finger cross... :)
i dunno is it a sub conscious thing...but my colleague said that i've changed a little since this occurrence happened.hmmm.... changed in a good manner or bad?
what they refer to choice of music and my temper n mood. hehehe...
im guessing that's a good sign.since im not mad...wakakaka..

world cup has been kind to me this time around...thankius!!
all my money is on brazil all the way!!!!! awesome!

*i'm actually grinning while typing this.....dammm something is wrong with me!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


first off..the weather is fucking hot!! cannot even sleep in my room...have to sleep in the hall or sleep in office...damm.
lots of plans made but a lot more being crushed...before even attempting..boring....
i think i/we all need to be inspired the same routine is definitely not the way to go..but who cares anyway? there's so many things to do and we've got so little time. found out that there's a lot more to do than drinking..obviously..but what to do..none share the same interest. or maybe it's an individual thing? or whatever the reason is. being an spontaneous person that i am..i cant stand months long planning besides my job requirement. if we have something awesome planned...let's execute it on the spot or in the nearest time.
just watched YES MAN yesterday with a was awesome that it keeps reminding you that what we need to do is embrace what ever shits or excitement thats coming your why not say yes to something new? hmmmm... i dunno what im babbling..
it's been a while since the last post.
more comin..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

good night.

tonight was awesome! thanks to the ppl who make it happen! it's been a while.
so whats new with me? nothing la..same o same o. suppose to go for holiday in langkawi last week..but never happened.due to unforseen circumstances..but screw it. confirm after my shoot finish i will go langkawi after that. many of my friends whom i told them im goin to lkawi during CNY time called me up.. and screw me upside down and call me a kanji fella (talk cock sing song)
haihh..what to do shit happens ma. no worries,tho' i can go there during the japanese season but im sure if my destiny is in langkawi..then it'll be there when im there..
u have to believe that what is's yours...if it's not then..too bad la.. what to do?

but being a guy we are lucky..if you cant find love..then we can buy..but luckily i have understanding friends who knows im not that kind of person. im the veryy LOYAL type!!!1
so sagun was goin to introduce me to 1 of her friends from club med...apparently she's quite muscular and can lift me up with 1 hand. neway, just friends oni la..what else u think i can do tho her??? -> sagun

it's been a good year so far...blink blink sudah sampai march already... time really flies when ur enjoying the year!!!! awesome!!

and in few more days it's Chap Go Meh!! gotta get down to some lake and throw oranges!! i planned to buy like 20 box or mandarin orange and write down my email,phone and name on each of the orange!!! and throw it all away at various location. hope my one true love will pick it up and call me for yamcha then movie then .....ahemmmm...

if that;s gonna be fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! love at first sight!!!

dammm. tonight dammm puas hati!! awesome night good beer , good gamble and good times.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

work status.'s been almost a month we've entered the year of the tiger.
and lam's birthday is just round the corner. awesomeness night will strike again!

im in starbuxx ikano.just finish shooting cornetto commercial and now im back at ikea to prep my next job..hectic art director is drawing 8 set design for the rooms that we are goin to make over..and now im still here doin the design with him.and as usual my reliable asst is with me.that makes 1 problem less to worry about.

as the team is struggling to do their things and layan doin my game plan on how to execute the shoot and revised my project estimate. my budget is over than my original to make money for the company la..blardy stress wei!!!

tomoro is the final meeting for the ikea shoot..and we're almost done with the booklet for presentation..hopefully when the meeting comes..everything will be in place and smooth...*finger cross... but that usually wont happen la..sure got damm lots of shits that will be discuss from the original shitsss....and at the end of the meeting we will end up with NEW SHITS on top of the OLD SHITS!!!!!!!!!! farking hell.

i might be shooting thru out CNY..maybe wont be celebrating cny with my family and kampung fellas this year. and another CHAP GO MEH alone...without a special someone... :(

but that's the least of my long as im working and have my friends around..then im good...

Friday, January 1, 2010

new year new resolution.

for this year's resolution..i will try my very best to stay healthy and become an animal lover...not talking bout loving pussies.. pussies is not animal!

i will try to write more bout myself in future.
so 1st things 1st is to stay heathy and be healthy... im looking into biking now..after some influence from my frens.

will be back with more updates on the bike thingy.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


it's been a while since i last post on my personal blog...
urm...recently i was involed in a few commercial and a tv series.

well finally, it's all over..the tv series (KAMI) was a 30day shoot.i AD-ed (asst director) the 1st i did nothing but complaining.but after a few days..everything is cool..those whom look aliened to me..we break the ice on 3rd day..they were bunch of good ppl..except the 2(not mentioning their names).

the cast is all good...location was fine.god is great cuz thru out all our outdoor shoot..HE's been kind to us..except for once..but it's all good brotha'.

i got the chance to work with some big naes form the drama world..such as Mustafa Kamal,his wife Susan, Dian P.Ramlee,Anne Abdullah,Sheila Mambo and Kak's truly an honor.lucky me.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ipohmali? ok la..

Mr. Lam has been harassing us with his poor chinese typing sms skillz..
and his neverending promotions on Point Blanc album as though like point is givin him some commision if he helps the selling..

so finally i was there at One Utama Rock corner..i just happened to be there..dunno why.
bought myself 2 Album..

1. SMOMA - it's a jazz album by this 3 talented italian musicians.
2. Point Blanc (Straight to the Point) - for more info please call 012 368 3684. Mr Lam.

but overall im quite impress with point's album.
so wana thanks to Jason for his endless perseverance...

so thats all for this post.