me against the world...

me against the world...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

hey.27th april

hey there...
it's kinda weird la..cuz i dun have any idea wut to say or stuff to post.
i'll come up with something later..won't be too long.cuz now my schedule is quite tight. im shooting next week.and tomoro my director is comin down from bangkok...then have to work over the weekend.then next week it's gonna be a freakinnnnn busy week la..
shooting starts on the 4th til 8th.
gotta prep equipment on the 3rd..
aiyoo damn gila ler..
neway,im still in the office.time is 3.07am.mebbe still have to chill here for another hour or so.haihh..well,chat laterzz

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Twiggy said...

hi rajen! thanks for the congratulatory wish on my frenster page :) u tigers make sure you're in the country april next year. you have a wedding to attend *grin*