me against the world...

me against the world...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

work status.'s been almost a month we've entered the year of the tiger.
and lam's birthday is just round the corner. awesomeness night will strike again!

im in starbuxx ikano.just finish shooting cornetto commercial and now im back at ikea to prep my next job..hectic art director is drawing 8 set design for the rooms that we are goin to make over..and now im still here doin the design with him.and as usual my reliable asst is with me.that makes 1 problem less to worry about.

as the team is struggling to do their things and layan doin my game plan on how to execute the shoot and revised my project estimate. my budget is over than my original to make money for the company la..blardy stress wei!!!

tomoro is the final meeting for the ikea shoot..and we're almost done with the booklet for presentation..hopefully when the meeting comes..everything will be in place and smooth...*finger cross... but that usually wont happen la..sure got damm lots of shits that will be discuss from the original shitsss....and at the end of the meeting we will end up with NEW SHITS on top of the OLD SHITS!!!!!!!!!! farking hell.

i might be shooting thru out CNY..maybe wont be celebrating cny with my family and kampung fellas this year. and another CHAP GO MEH alone...without a special someone... :(

but that's the least of my long as im working and have my friends around..then im good...

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