me against the world...

me against the world...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

27th May 2007

hey.. i almost forgotten that i have this blog here..hehe
really man,with all the stuff running in my head..hard to manage all this stuff...except the tiger blog.weird.
anyway, just finish drinking with the boys..quite cool la tonite..cuz we really chill rather than get wasted as usual..
urm..have some plans goin on.. like getting my baby Opel Manta 1974 on next wednesday. and lam is goin down to my hometown to get the car back..yup..back to kampar,perak.
probly we'll get the bus down and drive my baby back la...

then on monday gonna have an intensive jamming with alif at his place..the fucker dun have i have to go down to bukit jelutong..haih...

urm..wut else. oo..i'm now still on hols..gonna get back to work on thursday..been chilling for the past whole week..damm cun.

ok..enough for tonite.
take care y'all.

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