me against the world...

me against the world...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ipohmali? ok la..

Mr. Lam has been harassing us with his poor chinese typing sms skillz..
and his neverending promotions on Point Blanc album as though like point is givin him some commision if he helps the selling..

so finally i was there at One Utama Rock corner..i just happened to be there..dunno why.
bought myself 2 Album..

1. SMOMA - it's a jazz album by this 3 talented italian musicians.
2. Point Blanc (Straight to the Point) - for more info please call 012 368 3684. Mr Lam.

but overall im quite impress with point's album.
so wana thanks to Jason for his endless perseverance...

so thats all for this post.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


last nite i had dinner at Tony Roma's..
fucker..those freaking ribs is one of the finest i've had so far!!
you guys shud check it out sometime when your free..good place and atmosphere to bring your friends,spouse,family or your dog...
the price is standard la..
ok's time to get back to work.
see y'all

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

im back and in charge...hehe


you guys must have thought that i've abandone this blog..hahahaha
after soooo long not even a single s*&^ i post..
well here's a few update.
was busy ever since my last post in this blog.cuz i can only concentrate on 1 blog at a i chose the tigersblog. anyway thats not what i wana talk about in this blog.
it's all about me,me and meeeeeee!!!!! yeah.. Rajendra Ramasamy!!!

i was on a few project for the past 2-3 months. lemme see..
i did pepsi for india..mtv for ntv7,vicks for england, johnson & johnson for teens and tons of other shit..

well i think thats enough for now..
this is more than meets the eyes man...

" No,no..u listen to what i say ok!
Don't scratch your head when i'm talking to you!!!"

behind the scene
Execution of Operation Manta..

Introducing the Tiger Dance to they all..