me against the world...

me against the world...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Monday 11th June,12.54pm

This week is goin to be hell..i will be shooting on thursday and friday. location is at Cameron Highland, Ipoh , FRIM and Petaling Street. Tomoro i will leave to ipoh to check on the set. yes,we are goin to set up/decorate 1 street to look like a mexican run down. It's in Lahat,ipoh.
so my job there is to supervise the art department and making some arrangement with the local regarding catering and local extras.We are taking 70extras from ipoh and 20 caucasian extras from kl. This is the shoot that i proposed my Manta ler...but couldnt get it..apparently the director says that it's too luxury for a rundown place. Dammit!!

So here's my plan in ipoh.hehe

12th June.2007(tuesday)
1st - go to location and check set.
2nd - meet up with local assistant there and discuss bout the extras.
3rd - after the meeting then we'll get move on to the 'project old car'.
4th - find out where's the happening nite spot is..beside my hotel's spa.btw i'm staying in Impiana Casuarina Hotel..
5th - After project go makan kow kow!! Ipoh Chicken Rice!!! Cha Siew!!! Siew Yoke!!!
6th - After that..might go for another 'project'...
7th - go back and sleep.

13th June.2007(wednesday)
1st - Breakfast at hotel
2nd - drive around town to check out some classic old cars.
3rd - go check set at Lahat.
4th - drive around town again.
5th- go bck to hotel and wait or the rest to sampai hotel.check them in.
6th - makan babi.
7th - meeting with production team.
8th - makan more babi.
9th cruise around town.
10th - back to hotel and rest.

14th June.2007 - 1st Shoot Day

1st - shooooooooooooooooooooot.
willl continue my experience when im bck from Ipoh later.